About Campagna Academy

“Children are the living message we send to a time we will not see.”

Our Mission

Restoring Hope…Building Dreams

Our Vision

For Campagna Academy to work toward a future in which every child belongs to a healthy family, living in a safe, caring neighborhood.

  • Lasting behavioral change happens only in the context of meaningful relationships
  • Respect is the underlying value in life-respect for self, for others, and for our world
  • Respect can be taught and modeled by all staff at all times
  • Every moment is a learning opportunity for both staff and clients
  • Every interaction has the potential to be therapeutic
  • Families consist up of varying constellations of children and adults and hold great potential for providing, nurturing, and grounding that each individual needs
  • Emotions are an important part of our humanity and need honest recognition and appropriate expression
  • Individuals can learn to be proactive in choosing and mature in accepting the natural consequences of our choices