Children’s Mental Health Initiative


  • To allow families access to needed services so that children do not enter the child welfare or probation system for the sole purpose of accessing services
  • To make sure families do not get bounced from agency to agency trying to access services
  • To ensure that children are receiving services in the appropriate system
  • To build community collaborations through examining current practices and cross-educating community stakeholders on available resources
  • To construct a multi-agency approach for all children within communities in order for best outcomes and service conditions


  • DSM-IV-TR Diagnosis- Youth meets criteria for two (2) or more diagnoses
  • CANS 4, 5, or 6 and DMHA/DCS Project Algorithm must be a 1
  • Child or adolescent age six through the age of 17
  • Youth who are experiencing significant emotional and/or functional impairments that impact their level of functioning at home or in the community (e.g., Seriously Emotionally Disturbed classification)
  • Not Medicaid Eligible/Lack funding for service array
  • Other children who have been approved by DCS to receive services under the Children’s Mental Health Initiative because they are a danger to themselves or others

**Note: The Children’s Mental Health Initiative is a voluntary service. The caregiver must be engaged in order to access services.

For more information please contact our admissions department at or 219.322.8614 x398  or visit the Indiana Department of Child Services website.