Campagna Academy Strategic Plan

Priorities for 2021:
• Reduce overtime
• Develop a five-year capital improvement plan
• Enhance quality recreational services for all clients and programs
• Keep/utilize testimonies from past and present
• Improve staff development and morale
• Develop board recruitment process (Under Governance)
• Develop strong on-line presence
• Improve staff retention
• Establish mentoring program
• Develop annual campaign, endowment campaign, and capital campaign for diversifying funding streams

• Develop a skilled and engaged, diversified board to act as stewards of organization’s vision and mission (policies and resources)
• Use financial resources efficiently and effectively to promote mission and vision of organization
• Provide quality services and programs for at-risk youth and their families in a compassionate, caring, safe, professional environment
• Provide attractive, functional campus that creates a safe environment for agency’s programs
• Provide oversight to ensure overall agency regulatory compliance and employment policies
• Develop sustainable connection to community/stakeholders to increase awareness, engagement, and fundraising