Volunteering at Campagna:

At Campagna Academy, we recognize that a volunteer is a special kind of donor. Volunteers give their time and talent to help advance the agency’s goals. Without volunteer support we could not accomplish our mission of restoring hopes and building dreams of the youth we serve.

Check out our volunteers in action!

For more information on any of these opportunities please contact Erica at 219.322.8614 x346 EKerkes@cahope.org

Currently, Campagna Academy has several volunteering opportunities available:


Light Up Campus: Help us make our campus Merry & Bright for the kids at Campagna this holiday season!!! We are looking for teams of volunteers from businesses, churches, and organizations to adopt a cottage/building on campus. Your team will be decorating the exterior of the building. You pick the theme, supply the decorations, and our kids get to experience the beauty of your holiday spirit all season long! Contact us for more infomation or toto reserve your spot!  Event Flyer

Host a Holiday Drive: We are looking for volunteers to host drives for holiday gifts for our youth! We are looking for sports balls, coloring books, books, sports magazines, body wash/body lotion, pajamas and gift cards. Gift cards should be $5 and up to retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Five Below.

Holiday Cookie Bakers Needed: We are looking for volunteers to help bake cookies for our youth this holiday season! All types of cookies are accepted, but please do not include nuts or nut butters, as many of our youth have nut allergies. All cookies will be due to our Administration Building by Monday, 12/18.

Maintenance Assistant: We are looking for a volunteer to help our maintenance staff with various tasks around our campus. Tasks might include painting, yard work, cleaning, lifting, bending and stretching so the ideal candidate must be physically able to do the required work. We are looking for someone with daytime availability M-F, one to two days a week for approximately 4-6 hours each week. Experienced maintenance experience would be ideal. Opportunity open to adults aged 21 or over.

Join Our Compassionate Canines Pet Therapy Volunteer Program: Open to volunteers age 21 or over and their fury friends. Compassionate Canines is looking to add some wonderful dogs and their pet parents to their program at Campagna. They require a CGC (Canine Good Citizen Certification) for your dog. If your dog does not have the CGC Certification they help you obtain it. Commitment is one hour once a week on Mondays from 4-5pm. Opportunity open to adults aged 21 or over.

Foster Care Ambassador: Our Foster Care team is looking for volunteers to assist with their
recruitment process. Ambassadors would be trained by our Foster Care team and sent to conduct “Chat  & Chew”oster parents. Volunteers should be comfortable speaking in front of groups, professional, and willing to work in the community with various groups. Opportunity open to adults aged 21 or over.

No Sew Blanket & Supply Drive Hosts Needed! We are looking for volunteers willing to host a No Sew Blanket & Supply Drive with their colleagues, church groups, families and friends! We are looking for 1.5 yd sized fleece in baby/toddler themed prints and 2.5 yd sized fleece in teen themed prints. Once
enough supplies are gathered, a volunteer project will be posted to make blankets for our residential and
foster care youth. The goal is for all of our clients to have their own handmade No Sew Blanket as a
part of their “welcome” package.

Bedroom Decor Drive: Some of the most requested items our clients have are for items to decorate
their bedrooms that make them feel more at home. We are looking for groups, organizations, churches,
and families who are willing to host a Bedroom Decor Drive for the youth of Campagna. Items would
include things such as, stuffed animals, bedroom rugs, posters, pillows (without sequence or beading),
twin blankets, twin sheet sets and pillowcases for both boys and girls. This is a great opportunity for
families of all ages as it can be done remotely and not on our campus.

Athletes/Coaches: We are looking for athletes/coaches to share their skills and talents with our clients! Opportunity open to adults aged 21 or over.

Donation Room Assistant: Our Logistics Coordinator is in need of some assistance a few hours each
week to help sort through clothing donations at our donation center on campus. Volunteer would be
assisting with sorting, organizing, and tidying up in the donation center. We are looking someone who
can give 4-6 hours each week to helping with this much needed task. Opportunity open to adults aged 21 or over.

Birthday Cheer In A Box: We looking for individuals who want to help spread some birthday cheer to
our clients by supplying birthday decorations, cards, posters/signs and candy for youth in our residential
programs. This is a great opportunity for all age groups and doesn’t require you to physically volunteer on our campus. You can make/design the posters and decorations any way you like. The decorations will be used to decorate the child’s room for a Birthday Celebration.

Group Opportunities: If you have a group that would like to volunteer, we invite you to come and help us out! A variety of opportunities exist, from beautification projects to donation drives that benefit our children. We are open to suggestions as well, so if you have an idea please let us know.

For more information please contact Erica at 219.322.8614 x346  EKerkes@cahope.org

For a full list of Campagna Academy’s volunteer opportunities please check out the United Way’s Regional Volunteer Center website at www.nwivolunteer.org.